The 4mph pensioner and his police escort


Anyone who was caught behind a 4mph cavalcade in south Milton Keynes on Friday evening may have been wondering what was causing the hold-up.

It was 89-year-old Don Hollis, accompanied by two WPCs, after an exploring adventure in the city he has lived in for six decades which somehow went awry.

Mr Hollis, who has lived in Bletchley for 60 years, said: “It was a nice evening, so I thought I’d go and explore parts of Milton Keynes I have never been to before using my mobility scooter.

“I’d been out some time, and I had got lost. A police car stopped and they asked where I was going - I wanted to get home to Bletchley but apparently I was on my way to Shenley.

“They said they’d escort me home, but my scooter can only go at 4mph, or even slower up some hills, so pretty soon we had a lot of cars following behind us.”

He added: “The two policewwomen were lovely ladies. They didn’t have to stop and help me but they did.

“But I am sure that when they told their senior officer he had a good laugh about slowing traffic down to 4mph.”

Mr Hollis retired 30 years ago after a career on the railways, and first came to Bletchley to work as area supervisor at Bletchley power signal box.

And he is a familiar face to local senior citizens, as he performs singalongs at nursing homes in the area, covering a mix of wartime numbers and music hall favourites.