The bridges still need repairing

Civic Offices
Civic Offices

SOME of the bridges in Milton Keynes could still be dangerous years after problems were first reported, according to a former bridge inspector.

As revealed in this week’s Citizen First, a report released on Friday was discussed at Wednesday night’s Audit Committee meeting, along with a report examining the debacle surrounding the 18- month closure of the Secklow Gate bridge.

George Harlock was made redundant from his role at council contractors Mouchel as the bridge inspector last April.

It was his job to compile reports on the bridges of Milton Keynes, but he became disillusioned when nothing seemed to come of his reports, despite some frightening findings.

“There were some bridges that needed repair work carried out,” Mr Harlock said. “But nothing was being carried out. Eventually, I went to the council to alert them to the problem.”

Mr Harlock was made redundant a short while afterwards.

He believes that the report vindicates his decision to report his concerns to the council, and highlights the importance of bridge safety throughout the city.

However, he does not believe that there is an immediate danger of bridge collapses, but admits it could happen over time.

He said: “I still pass under and over bridges that I inspected and see the same problems I pointed out years ago.

“I cannot say that bridges in Milton Keynes Council’s ownership are going to fall and that some are in such bad shape that they may be dangerous, but this report goes a long way to confirming my suspicions – that not enough is being done to ensure their safety.”