The dating game in Milton Keynes: ‘Disabled people deserve love too’

Lauren Gladding, Nathan Edwards and Jorden Morris
Lauren Gladding, Nathan Edwards and Jorden Morris

A 24-year-old living with cerebral palsy and restricted sight has pledged to create more opportunities for disabled people to find love.

Nathan Edwards worries he will never find his soulmate as people are too quick to judge before they get to know him.

The dilemma has caused Nathan to suffer depression but he says organising social events such as speed-dating and bowling nights will give him and others a greater chance of meeting their true love.

Nathan, who lives at Sanctuary Supported Living in Crownhill with other people suffering from learning difficulties and mental health issues, said: “After years of struggling with all the let downs I came up with the idea to try and help people find love.

“Disabled people deserve to find love too.

“It is something I feel very strongly about because it connects to so many health issues.

“We are not just disabled –we are people as well and we should not be put in boxes.

“A lot of people at the house I stay in are looking for companionship. We all get lonely.”

Nathan has just found out he made the shortlist to star in the next series of the Undateables – his all-time favourite show which follows the love lives of people living with challenging conditions.

He’s adamant his disabilities won’t hold him back from finding true love.

Nathan said: “I’m looking for someone who has a nice personality, easy going and someone I can have fun with.

“Unfortunately sometimes you meet people and they do not see you – they judge before they get to know you.

“With online dating there are so many dangers and I think that you need to see a person face-to-face to see if there is that spark.

“Everyone says it only takes a few seconds to know if you like each other.”

His support worker Suzanne Brooks, who is helping to spread the word about Nathan’s ambitions, said: “Other associations we work with all say the same thing – there is nowhere for them to meet someone special.

“Some of our youngsters have got into relationships after meeting at the house, but many haven’t been able to find partners out there.

“There needs to be somewhere for them to meet and mingle and find what they are looking for.”

If you could help Nathan in his matchmaking quest call 01908 562741.