The evil face of a jealous monster

blake ross - kim jeffery murder
blake ross - kim jeffery murder

EVIL killer Blake Ross was a jealous monster who burned his girlfriend’s dresses and refused to allow her out alone, the Citizen can reveal.

And when Kim Jeffery ended the relationship it spurred the biggest jealous rage of all – for Ross could not bear for any other man to have the woman he adored almost insanely.

The 6ft 3in tall former weight-trainer hit the slightly-built mum so hard with his fist that he killed her in one blow.

Then, while Kim’s young daughter slept only yards away, he systematically set out to destroy his girlfriend’s beauty after death, beating her face to a pulp and stabbing her several times with a kitchen knife.

This week, after Ross committed suicide in prison, the Citizen can print the full and gruesome facts of his attack.

“It was totally evil. Kim was so badly disfigured that I was not even allowed to see her body. He had punched her teeth and palate down her throat, her eyes into their sockets and broke her jaw and cheekbones,” said her mum Hazel Simpson. Hazel, who saw her 36-year-old daughter almost every day of the week, had spent months urging her to leave Ross.

On Mothering Sunday this year, caring Kim ended the relationship, telling Ross he had to leave her Two Mile Ash home after his foot, which he’d broken playing football, was out of plaster.

“She phoned me in tears that day and said ‘mum, he’s so possessive ... I am frightened of him. ‘Although we begged her to come and stay with us she refused, insisting later she was OK and that Blake was in a better mood and had agreed to leave in the morning.”

Ross’s one redeeming feature was that, despite the bizarre jealously that prompted him to phone Kim as many as 10 times an hour when she was out, he had never laid a finger on her.

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But still 62-year-old Hazel had a chilling premonition.

“A few days before Kim died I said to her: ‘Darling, I’m worried that one day I’ll get a call to say you are dead and Blake has killed you.’ She laughed and told me not to be silly because he would never hurt her,”

Hazel and her family assumed Ross, a 36-year-old accountant, was painfully shy when Kim first struck up a relationship with him two and a half years before her death.

“They would come to us for Sunday lunch and Blake would sit at the table not saying a single word.  But as time went by, he seemed to get more and more strange.

“Kim loved meeting people, dancing and playing sport. She was always busy. But Blake hated her doing anything without him. If she so much as talked to another man he gave her an evil stare or even beat them up. 

“Kim and her friends booked a family holiday with their children before she meet him. When she told Blake, he tried to book into a hotel next door, but Kim just thought he was just being over protective.

“He burned her favourite dresses but I only learnt this after she died. And even when she went on the school run, the week before she died, he hobbled after her with his leg in plaster. It just wasn’t normal.”

Hazel said she felt “justice had been done” when she learned Ross had killed himself while on remand at Bedford jail.

 He had tried unsuccessfully to plead manslaughter and it is believed he hanged himself.

Said Hazel: “We cannot forgive Blake Ross and his death is scant comfort for the loss we feel.

“He was an evil man who killed my beautiful daughter and he deserves to be dead. Some people say it would be better if he’d suffered in prison for years but I don’t agree.

“Although she is gone, Kim will live forever in the collective heart of our family, but sadly her young daughter is now forever without a devoted, wonderful mother.”