The face of a celebrity clinic

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A toothless accident victim who was too scared to leave her home was transformed into a dazzling beauty this week

Alex Kerr, 20, was fitted with a temporary denture by Dr Wynand de Jager from Brooklands Dental Clinic.

The Broughton clinic offered to help Alex for free after hearing how the NHS refused to replace the six front teeth knocked out in a near-fatal cycling accident last November.

Brooklands’ next step will be to fit permanent implants.

But already the dentists are so impressed with Alex’s smile that they have asked her to become the ‘Face of Brooklands’ in their advertising campaign.

“She is proof that a good smile can make such a difference,” said Dr de Jager, who performs cosmetic dentistry on a long list of celebrities.

Meanwhile two neighbouring celebrity clinics, Derma Spa and Joseph’s Experience, have offered to boost Alex further with a free pamper day next Tuesday.

The same evening the city’s Brasserie Blanc has invited Alex and her boyfriend Daniel to a romantic meal.

“I’m just so happy! I want to say a huge thank you to everyone, ” said Alex.