The Food Whisperer: Hearty burgers, monkey nuts and strange wine glasses...

Gourmet Burger King
Gourmet Burger King

WHERE do a lot of people go these days when going for a bite to eat in MK? Many would say The Hub and here is another reason why they should.

GBK Burger has had a refurbishment from its old look of simple orange walls, high ceilings and a lack of outdoor seating to a truly new vibrant look. Yes, you still have to go up and order your food with a table number in hand just like Nandos (well they are owned by them after all) but now the venue is cosy, has lots of atmosphere and is fun to be in.

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We sat at our table and browsed the menu while eating free monkey nuts. Not sure why these are free or who fancies the messy things, but why not?

Perhaps you should ask the big friendly manager named Chris who is very charming and helpful.

Here are some of the delights on offer at GBK:


Brioche bun, American cheese, crispy onion ring, cajun relish, dill pickle, salad and smoked chilli mayo

Tokyo Jim

Brioche bun, Asian slaw, Tokyo BBQ sauce and salad

Jolly Cow

Brioche bun, grilled mushroom, Gorgonzola, crispy onion ring, garlic mayo, salad and relish


Deep in flavour, low in fat, served with salad, mayo and relish

Wild Boar Burger

We selected a classic chicken burger with lettuce and mayo. Wow, the chicken was tender and the bun marvellous and crunchy. We went for the skinny chips, which are probably the skinniest in MK, and my guest even asked if they would make you skinny. Sadly I doubt any thing deep fried chip will make you skinny.

All the same who goes for a burger to get skinny... yum, yum mayonnaise.

I selected the Mint Relish with extra mint. Again a super choice and super burger. This time it came with fat chips and, yes, if we ate enough we would get fat. But the portion size seemed safe.

GBK is a semi-quick place to eat with minimal starters and desserts but a funky, cool eatery to hang out and catch up with your mates. The burgers are mostly under a tenner but like an where these days gourmet, delicious burgers will cost you this.

Look out for the wine glasses that have no stem? Very strange...

Gourmet Burger Kitchen, The Hub, 4 Mortimer Square Milton Keynes, MK9 2FB

01908 394317

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