The king of rock ‘n’ roll’s crown arrives in Milton Keynes

Dr Teresa Day of Appledore Dental Clinic
Dr Teresa Day of Appledore Dental Clinic

The people of Milton Keynes are getting all shook up as a city dentist becomes home to the King’s crown for one day only as it tours Great Britain.

Appledore Dental Clinic on Midsummer Boulevard is holding an Elvis Day today with a model of Elvis Presley’s teeth together with the genuine Crown made for the star by former Memphis dentist Henry J Weiss.

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-140519-143531001

Dr Teresa Day is dressed up as Elvis at her Midsummer Boulevard practice today and is giving everyone free mouth cancer checkups until the end of the month.

“Milton Keynes has a young community who like to go out and drink and party and those are the people at a higher risk of getting mouth cancer.

“Elvis’ crown was made many many years ago and it’s actually not bad! We see much worse work that’s only been fitted last week.

“It’s been special to have it here today. It’s a talking point and encourages people who are interested in Elvis to come in. Even though the tooth won’t be here for the rest of the month - or me dressed as Elvis - the free cancer checks will continue until then.”

It is thought Elvis had toothache just before he died after a visit to his dentist the night before his death.

The ‘King’s Crown’ as it is known, is working its way around each of the dental clinics in a bid to help bring the shocking statistic of five a day who die from mouth cancer in the UK, down to four a day.

The glass display holding the model teeth and crown will travel around the UK to highlight National Mouth Cancer Month which will include free mouth screenings, promotions and fundraising events at each of the dental practices.