The MK estates that take years from our lives

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A ‘postcode lottery’ report into dying too soon has shown parts of Wolverton and Bradwell ward to be the unhealthiest places to live.

People in Greenleys, Hodge Lea and Stacey Bushes are more than three times more likely to die prematurely than residents in affluent Olney.

The second highest areas for early demise – defined as death under the age of 75 – are Stantonbury and Bradville.

Third on the grim list are Eaglestone and Fishermead, followed by the Lakes Estate, then Granby, Fenny Stratford and Denbigh.

Great Linford and Linford Wood also fare “significantly” badly compared to the healthiest areas of MK – Olney and its surrounding villages, Newport Pagnell, Hanslope and Bletchley Park.

The details were revealed in a report published this week by city public health director Muriel Scott.

The report shows the main causes of premature death to be lung cancer, chronic heart disease, heart attacks, lung disease and breast cancer.

The years of life lost in the five worst areas adds up to more than 15,000 – a fact that has shocked Labour’s Cabinet member for health and wellbeing, Nigel Long.

He and Ms Scott are now urging the council, the hospital, the clinical commissioning group and GPs to join forces and find ways to improve life expectancy and preventative care in the borough’s poorer areas.

Said Mr Long: “The bottom line for me is that we need to integrate further our health, social care and public health servers. We need everyone on board – from doctors to social workers, from community-based nurses to pharmacists.”

> Photo by Tim Marshall, Creative Commons Licence