‘The only safe drink is a soft drink’

Don't Drink and Drive written on the road
Don't Drink and Drive written on the road

Drink-drivers caused 17 collisions in Milton Keynes last year.

And with the Christmas party season now well underway, the Council’s Road Safety Team is working with police to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving.

Roadside checks day and night will be targeting drivers who may be breaking the law.

Vehicles seen with a defective light will be stopped as they have committed a moving traffic offence and all drivers will be breathalysed.

If caught, drivers could lose their license, get a hefty fine or even a prison sentence.

Cllr Matt Clifton, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Road Safety said, “Every year people are killed or injured as a result of drink driving. The message is simple: if you’re planning to drive, don’t drink alcohol. The only safe drink is a soft drink.”

One fifth of drink drive convictions are from people who have driven the day after consuming alcohol–you may still be over the limit if you drive several hours after drinking alcohol.

Even though you may feel ok when you get up, you may be over the legal alcohol limit or unfit to drive.