The Phantom is just Phantastic

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The new city has fallen in love with the Phantom of the Opera. Here are a few of your views on the theatrical delight...

It is difficult say what part of the production is the most impressive: Those playing the roles so exquisitely, the phenomenal detail that oozes from every part of the stage set, or the voices that pretty darn near shatter that chandelier...Cameron Mackintosh’s production of the classic piece of theatreland was triumphant.

Sumptuous, moving and a total tonic.

Phantom of the Opera was phantastic!

Minnie & Joseph

From the moment the glittering chandelier was unveiled just above our heads, we knew we were in for a spectacular evening of entertainment.

The narrative is dark, the scenery impressive and Earl Carpenter and Katie Hall embody the reclusive Phantom and ballet-girl turned leading-lady.

Surrender to the music of the night – I certainly did.

Georgina Butler

As someone more accustomed to a football pitch than a theatre, I went along to Phantom knowing very little about the plot, but left humming the songs for the next couple of hours.

Being the first time I’d ever watched a version of the world famous story, I have nothing to compare it to, but was still impressed by the musical and visual experience that just about made my £45 ticket value for money, even if the chandelier did seem a bit underused.

The approval of the rest of the audience suggests I watched a pretty decent show, and without knowing too much about it, I guess I would agree.

And the other half enjoyed it.

Simon Downes

I’m not a fan of Opera as a norm, but with this production it just doesn’t matter.

Yes it does include some operatic singing, but it all fits and you just get swept away in the whole atmosphere of the production.

You get caught up in the moment and really feel for all three main characters, you believe them and the story as a whole.

I cannot recommend this this production highly enough, whether you’ve seen it before in the West End or you’re a first timer, you’re bound to fall in love and want to see it again and again.

I know I certainly do.

Destination MK

We had been looking forward to seeing Phantom of the Opera for some time, but after booking the tickets had heard a few negative reviews about the Phantom Tour saying the production was not as good as the original.

This proved completely incorrect; the production was fantastic along with the cast and the orchestra which at first we thought was actually a recording – it was total perfection.

But peering over the balcony the orchestra were in full swing.

We enjoyed every moment .

Susan McDonald & Victoria Brown

> Performances of The Phantom of the Opera continue at MK Theatre until November 24th.

Call to book on 0844 871 7652.