The Point could be rehomed at city’s history museum

The Point CMK
The Point CMK

The iconic Point pyramid could have an historical new home – at the city museum.

Museum director Bill Griffiths has offered to give the structure pride of place at its Wolverton base – providing the money can be found to move it there.

He said: “We like to preserve things that are important to the people of Milton Keynes. In principle we agree that saving The Point is a great idea.

“However, we couldn’t afford to move it. Once it was here we could most certainly maintain it though.”

Milton Keynes Council recently granted permission for developers to demolish The Point to make way for new retail and leisure outlets.

Already an e-petition has been launched online with people campaigning in a bid to save the landmark.

Some have suggested it could be a cover for the Concrete Cows while others say it could be converted into a climbing or activity frame for people.

However, many more people agree with the demolition plan, saying the 29-year-old building was ‘an eyesore.’

Mr Griffiths said the building would have to be dismantled, reassembled and made structurally safe before it could be housed on the museum site.

He said:“We’re out of the way here but we are looking for a landmark building and The Point certainly ticks that box.

“It is iconic in itself. I haven’t been into the financial side of things yet or looked at it logistically but if it can be done we would love to have a look at it.”

He added: “The important story we need to tell is this area was all fields before Milton Keynes arrived.

“The buildings are an important part of the development into what the city has now become.”