The Pride of INME

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PLENTY has happened since INME first roused the rock scene with their 2003 debut album Overgrown Eden.

For a start, most of the bands that tickled planet rock at the same time as the Essex boys, have long since disappeared.

Only the strong, and the downright determined succeed. INME are both.

The Dave McPherson troupe have weathered line-up changes, soured record deals and an ever changing musical landscape and are still making the right noises, as they proved with the release last week of their fifth opus, The Pride.

It is big sounding and pretty darn taut.

“We wanted to do something more uplifting and epic sounding,” Dave told me.

“We try to change as much as possible with every album.

“It is good to refresh things and redefine ourselves...what’s the point in doing the same stuff over and over?”

Alongside Dave, sibling Simon is INMEs other core member.

“We just couldn’t see ourselves doing anything else, and you don’t quit what you believe in.

“My brother and I prioritise music – it’s our lives.

“Originally I think we had too much too young, though. Doing things now is much more humbling and rewarding.

“When we started out, I was 19 or 20. I was very introverted and didn’t have enough life experience.

“Now I’m 30, I have been through it all. We know what paths to take and enjoy the hard work that comes with it...”

These days, INME turn their own wheels, and Dave is in control.

“...If I was any more hands on, I would be dealing with too much,” he admits.

All the band have worked hard to keep INME a going concern , but juggling a band with a nine to five can be tough too.

“The thing is that you aren’t very employable as a muso – you can do a couple of months and then need a month off...

“I was doing gardening and phone research stuff, but things I knew immediately weren’t me for the rest of my life. Nothing inspiring.

“I’ll play anywhere – in a pub, at a wedding, anything...” Dave says of that desire to pick up a guitar and cut loose with his music.

“There is nothing better than being constantly busy...”

But you’ve no chance of getting the fella to play at your nuptials in the next month or so.

INME are currently out on an intensive road trek of the UK which, by the time it concludes will have taken in 36 dates.

Intensive? Yes. Exhaustive? Quite probably. But the band wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tomorrow night, they will work up a sweat with a return visit to The Craufurd Arms.

If the band attract as many people as supported their new album, the Wolverton watering-hole will be swamped.

The band used Pledge Music to help raise band funds and enable the sounds to have a platfrom.

Whe Dave issued his solo material through the site, which allows fans to financially contribute to upcoming recordings, he set a target of £5000 – and was blown away when he reached that target on the first day!

“It was on a Monday, when people are at work, at college and at school and I thought there had been a mistake, it was so successful.

“It allowed me to pay for things like a press agent...and I knew the INME campaign would be even more successful, just because we are better known.

“It is the fanbase allowing bands to do things how they want to do them, without things like budgets getting in the way....”

INME are survivors, and back with a decidedly sweet delivery in The Pride, as you can check for yourselves at tomorrow’s gig.

“The Craufurd does good beer, and it’s not too far from home for me. The people there are passionate and on it,” Dave says,

“...and I’ll play everywhere and anywhere!”

Tickets for tomorow’s show are £12.

Doors open at 7.30pm, support comes from LostAlone, Mojo Fury and Midgar.

>Brothers & Bones are back at the venue on Saturday night, with Final Clearance also on the bill.