The Rainscourt Family Law Solicitors Fund is announced for Milton Keynes

MK Community Foundation has announced the creation of the Rainscourt Family Law Solicitors Fund.

It will support organisations and community groups who assist people going through turbulent times due to relationship breakdowns.

The fund will be allocated through the foundation’s various grant programmes, so that MK people have access to good quality support and advice in times of difficulty and to help the alleviation of stresses that are associated with relationship breakdown.

“We believe that Milton Keynes is a thriving and exciting place to live and work,” said James Norris, partner, Rainscourt Family Law Solicitors.

“As a firm, we want to be able to contribute to our local community and give something back. We judge that MK Community Foundation is best placed to help us target our charitable giving and maximise the benefit of our contributions. MK Community Foundation supports a range of projects in Milton Keynes that align with our own benevolent priorities.”

He continued: “In our work, we frequently encounter families and children who are suffering from the effects of relationship breakdown or domestic abuse. With the cuts in legal aid and the rise in court fees, many people in Milton Keynes cannot afford the help they need.

“Working with MK Community Foundation, we want to help these people. We hope our fund will give local charities and community groups the means to support the victims of relationship breakdown in Milton Keynes.”