The Reverend’s love of Charley

Rev Peyton
Rev Peyton

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band are wild, wacky and ever so busy – averaging a whopping 250 gigs annually.

New album Peyton on Patton is a tribute to Delta Bluesman Charley Patton, and the Rev will tour to support it in November.

We asked Reverend Peyton to leave aside his own roots blues, country and punk-rock intensity to tell us about the music of others that he most admires.

Here goes...

An album that you can’t live without

Charley Patton, Screaming and Hollering the Blues.

Best boxset ever. It is so great, so extensive and Charley Patton rules. King of country blues.

Most embarrassing record in your collection

Randy Travis or Travis Tritt. Sixties, 70s and 80s country is a guilty pleasure.

Your favourite cheesy disc...

Cheesy is embarrassing to me, so I say either Randy Travis or Travis Tritt!

Or maybe the Crystals. I love that old cheesy r&b from the 60s.

An album you wish you’d bought, but didn’t

I wish I had been wise to The White Stripes early on.

Only recently have I heard their stuff, and I like it.

What about your favourite artist of all time?

What is the attraction?

Charley Patton. His music is early and raw, and untouched by labels or managers or fashion magazines or anything. I love it.

His music changed my life.

If we could grant you a wish to meet one musician or band, who would it be and why?

John Fogerty.

I don’t know what I would ask him, but I would like to write a song with him. I think he is underrated as a songwriter.

He has so many good songs.

Name a song that never fails to pick you up

Mississippi John Hurt, Ain’t No Tellin’. Almost anything by John Hurt just makes you feel good.

He sings like a friendly grandad.

And one that chills you out

Furry Lewis, When My Baby Left Me. Maybe the most perfect blues song ever written.

What was the first gig you attended

I was very young, it was John Mellencamp on the fourth of July in Indiana.

Can’t get more Hoosier than that.

What about your favourite record shop or online store

There are so many great stores across the world. We have been to so many. I love going into a small local shop. They usually know the music, are knowledgeable, and know where the cool shows are.

I hope they never go away.

You can step into the shoes of your musical idol for 24 hours.

Who do you choose and what would you do?

Charley Patton, I would just like to see what kind of a guy he was. So many of his contemporaries described him as a great man.

I would like to find out what that means for myself

Catch the band live at Cargo in London on October 27.