The rotten luck of historic Bradwell windmill

Bradwell Windmill
Bradwell Windmill

The historic Bradwell windmill will steadily rot away unless the council sets the sails in motion for more repair work, it was claimed this week.

Despite a recent £139,000 restoration programme, the roof of the Grade 11 listed mill is still leaking dangerously, said campaigner Matthew Naylor.

He claims the problem is all due to the council trying to save cash by skimping on specialist advice.”.

“A council cutback could is causing one of our most historic features to rot. Something must be done.”

The windmill, built in 1803, is owned by the council and managed by MK Museum.

Millwrights were employed last year to renovate it and get the damaged sails working.

But, says Matthew, at the last minute the council decided not to spend an extra £7,000 to employ a specialist consultant to oversee the roof work.

“As a result the roof leaks every time it rains. I’ve complained repeatedly to the council but they have done nothing,” he said.

A council spokesman told the Citizen: “Milton Keynes Council has worked closely with the Milton Keynes Museum, and expert millwrights on this project.

“We have vastly upgraded Bradwell Windmill, to the point where it is effectively a working mill – complete with grindstones to grind wheat into flour etc – within a limited budget.

“There are still some outstanding works, but where we can, we will complete them.”