The Stables have things all taped up

The Boy with Tape on his Face
The Boy with Tape on his Face
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DEL Bromham is an ace guitarist, and a chap who has been at his game for decades.

He has influenced many, and given many more musical enjoyment.

Better still, Del is still excited by his music, and it shows every time he picks up his instrument and takes the lead in Stray, the band that is still enjoying success and making happy memories.

This evening, the band will be live on local turf at The Stables.

The first of two sets will be acoustic and come with a smattering of stories, before the boys go electric in part two.

They will send you home with a pleasant buzz in your ear and a grin on your chops.

Tickets are a snip at £12.50.

Stop reading, get moving.

Tomorrow, the Christine Collister, Dave Kelly and Peter Filleul Trio will be in control.

This is the first time in three years that this six-legged musical machine has pooled its talents.

Expect to hear harmonies blending well with piano and a set comprising soul, blues, country and even a pinch of folkabilly.

Talent, emotion and humour goes live at 8pm.

Lee Nelson is back with the warm up to his Well New Tour this Friday and Saturday evening, but those dates are totally sold out.

While he entertains in the intimate surroundings of Stage 2, Vampires Rock are back on the main stage with plenty of rock anthems to get the head swinging – think Sweet Child O’ Mine, Poison and I Love Rock n Roll and you’ll be spot on.

Joining the party will set you back £25.

There are Live Jazz Matters to indulge in on Sunday morning from 11.30am, and in the evening star soloists Cellist Alfia Napibekova and violinist Kerstin Linder-Dewan will deliver music by Haydn, Boccherini, Rossini and Mozart.

They join Fiori Musicali for a show of truly exceptional quality, or to put it their way ‘a bubbling classical programme that includes a rare chance to hear the original version of Boccherini’s famous concerto for cello and orchestra.’

The Magnets step up on Tuesday night with some fine a cappella.

Go expecting traditional deliveries of traditional songs and you’ll be well off target though.

This six-voiced delivery will turn their tones to deliveries by Joy Division through to the Scissor Sisters.

Not conventional at all, see.

Last up on the main stage this week is The Boy With Tape On His Face.

Fusing stand-up comedy with mime, vaudeville and puppetry, this delivery was the smash hit of last year’s Fringe Festival.

Combining the sheer absurdity of Vic Reeves and the genius of Charlie Chaplin, Sam Wills will keep his audience spellbound with his movements.

Laughter will play a big part too of course...

‘Willis is the last word in silent comedy,’ said The Guardian.

On stage 2, Wednesday night belongs to folk-rock singer Steve Ashley.

Show time for that one is 8.45pm.

For ticket prices, bookings or more information about any of these dates, call MK 280800.