The train that always runs on time

Hornby have just released the world’s first fully computerised train set, and the model was developed by MK entrepreneur Richard Prokop.

Richard, of Invicto Systems, has loaned the small, but impressive system to The National Museum of Computing for the duration of its Summer Bytes Festival, which draws to a close this weekend.

Richard with his computerised set

Richard with his computerised set

“...It’s always very satisfying to watch the enthusiasm and inventiveness of people using it, especially the young,” Richard said.

“It has been terrific to see the reaction of visitors.”

In addition to operating locos with sight and sounds, which even include squeaking brakes, the Hornby Railmaster can play built-in sounds – station announcements, guard whistles and slamming doors all figure.

“The Summer Bytes festival aims to encourage visitors to be creative with technology and not just consumers of it,”said TNMOC learning co-ordinator Chris Monk.

“So, the fully computerised train set is a perfect fit for the festival.

“Users can fully control train movements, including light and sound functions, and operate signals and points.

“It’s a fantastic learning environment that visitors are finding to be great fun and an introduction to computer programming.”