The triple life of Milton Keynes GP and charity head who has become a church curate

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A practicing GP who ordained to be a church minister has been given his first curacy.

And the Reverend Dr Sam Muthuveloe, despite his imposing title, is already wowing his congregation at St Mary’s in Bletchley with his down to earth approach.

“I think all the years I spent as a doctor made me a rounded person – I have seen life at the harsh end. I like to think all my life experiences have culminated in my service to God here,” he said.

Sam also has a third role – the head of Hope Outreach charity, which provides helps for poverty-stricken people in his native Sri Lanka.

Four years ago he went to college in Oxford for three years to study theology and can now take communions, weddings, baptisms and funerals.

He was delighted to be able to lead the marriage of his own daughter Teruni last summer, walking her proudly up the aisle, then changing into clerical garb to conduct the ceremony.

He has also conducted the christening of his first grandchild and, sadly, the funeral of his mother-in-law .

Death forms a big part of Sam’s curacy, for he set up the Sunset Ministry to care for the housebound and dying people in his parish. He even visits residential homes to hold communions.

Meanwhile he is still working as a GP, but looking to reduce his hours at Pennyland’s Sovereign Medical Centre.