The Way We Were with John Taylor: OAP babe magnets

High Hefner
High Hefner

Babe magnets. Whatever is their secret? And regarding the male species there is perhaps no sight as sad as an apprentice geriatric ‘trying it on’ with younger females.

But sometimes sheer personality can overcome any difference in age, and one whose personality was legend was the Newport Pagnell-born Alfred Bullard, who was in his 70s when he married the 20-year-daughter of a local farmer.

From greasing tins in a baker’s shop, by sheer business acumen Alfred achieved success in many commercial ventures, including in 1912 partnering George Salmons to begin the cinema in Newport Pagnell.

His property portfolio included many prestigious buildings, including Tickford Abbey. And in public life he became a member of both the Urban District Council and Board of Guardians.

Alfred was also an auctioneer and valuer, farmer, and authority on antiquities. Possessing a fine singing voice, after training in London and Paris he could have made that his career but business reasons intervened. His first wife was also business-minded, running a private school at Newport Pagnell. Sadly one of his daughters was killed at the age of 14 in a riding accident.

Alfred eventually died at age 92, and it was appropriate that his writings included ‘Rejuvenation By An Octogenarian.’

Personally, despite the advancing years an uncharacteristic friskiness has sometimes been noted after a second glass of tonic wine. In fact as I said to my faithful hound Herbie, there might still be life in the old dog yet. Which quite made him choke on his sausage.