Theatre-goers’ bags will be searched in wake of Paris terror attacks

MK Theatre
MK Theatre

Audiences will be searched as they arrive at Milton Keynes Theatre following the Paris terror attacks, the Citizen can reveal.

Since Monday, theatre-goers have been stopped at the door as staff step up security checks.

Up to 1,400 people arrived to watch the first showing of The Shawshank Redemption at the ATG theatre on Marlborough Gate.

Visitors were told to open up their bags as security guards checked for suspicious items.

“They didn’t explain what was going on,” one said.

“But I was really pleased about it.

“It made us all feel safe.”

129 people were killed when bombers targeted restaurants and cafes, while gunmen opened fire on Bataclan theatre during a series of deadly attacks in Paris on Friday.

Emma Sullivan, general manager of MK Theatre said: “The safety of our customers and staff remains a priority for ATG and we are working with the relevant authorities to review and build upon our established security arrangements.”