Theo, 11, hits the road in support of Willen Hospice

When Theo Hill was given a bicycle for Christmas, he made a pledge to do a sponsored cycle ride for a local charity.

Friday, 22nd June 2018, 1:36 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd June 2018, 2:43 pm
Theo on his charity bike ride

Teaming up with his neighbour, Lee, a seasoned cyclist and fundraiser, they trained together before undertaking the round trip from Old Stratford to Willen Lake and home again; a distance of 20 miles.

Theo chose Willen Hospice as the charity that would benefit. He said “There was only one charity to pick and that was Willen Hospice as it helps and touches a lot of people in Milton Keynes. I decided to raise £500.”

“On the day I was really looking forward to going on a long bike ride. We set off but it wasn’t long into it that Lee got a bust tyre so there was nothing else to do but watch him change the tyre and eat my sandwich.”

“We rode to Willen Lake but I had forgotten that all the hills that were downhill were now uphill to get back, and I had to finish what I had started!”

Theo was delighted when he arrived home to a ‘finish line’ set up by friends and family, and to date he has raised more than £800.

His neighbour Lee who helped Theo train, said “I would just like to say it was an absolute pleasure to ride alongside Theo on his bike ride, from day one his enthusiasm was infectious, which made it impossible to say no.

“I personally would like to congratulate Theo on not only the funds he raised, which is amazing, but the effort and positive attitude he applied to achieving his goal! 20 miles is not to be underestimated; throughout the ride we discussed why he was doing this and his selflessness to make life better for others was quite humbling.

“If Theo and others continue with this positive attitude then the world will surely be a better place. Good effort mate.”

Willen Hospice met Theo at his school assembly in June to say thank you to him and present him with his certificate.

Willen Hospice needs £9 every minute to continue offering specialist palliative care to the community in and around Milton Keynes.