Thieves steal lung cancer sufferer Andrew’s mobility scooter

Andrew Buchanan on his mobility scooter
Andrew Buchanan on his mobility scooter

A DISABLED 74-year-old lung cancer victim has been “robbed of his last piece of independence” by heartless thieves who stole his mobility scooter.

Andrew Buchanan awoke on Saturday morning to find that his garage, on Langdale Close in the Lakes Estate, had been broken into overnight.

Andrew and Laura Buchanan

Andrew and Laura Buchanan

And his daughter, Laura Buchanan, is outraged that her ill father has had his only means of transport snatched away by callous criminals.

She said: “After my dad was diagnosed with cancer and had half of his lung removed his health seriously started to decline and he found it very hard.

“He couldn’t drive and couldn’t get about at all well but now he really has been robbed of his last piece of independence.

“Whoever decided to steal my dad’s scooter has not only left him out of pocket but they also decided they were entitled to take away his freedom.

“I understand that thefts happen but this wasn’t a motorbike or a television, this was something a disabled man needed to travel.

“What makes it worse it that he’s the sort of man who wouldn’t do anything to hurt anyone.”

Andrew paid for the £1,195 blue Kensington Freerider himself after he was told he couldn’t claim the scooter on the NHS.

“I’m upset, disappointed and most of all angry,” he said.

“It is my only way of getting around these days and now when the weather is nice or I need something, I’m unable to leave the house.

“I just can’t for the life of me understand why someone would want to do that to a disabled person.

“The police have told me it happens quite often around here.”

A Thames Valley Police spokesman confirmed the incident and added: “Anyone with any information on the incident or is offered a mobility scooter can contact us on 101.”