Thieves steal pond from infant school

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Pupils at an infant school have been devastated by the theft of their pond and destruction of their eco area.

Lisa Bishop, a teaching assistant at Pepper Hill Infant School in Bradville, told the Citizen how she had visited the area the first day after the Easter break to prepare the children’s lessons when she found the area in disarray.

She said: “We paid £780 for the amenity and it took us a year to raise it, we are devastated. We use it as an outside classroom and with Eco Week coming up this is an even bigger shame.

“It was the first day back after the Easter break and I went down there to prepare for the summer term. I found syringes, beer cans and a burnt out fire. It was obvious someone had made their way in and slept there.”

The school had arranged for a pond to be installed held down with sleepers, bird houses and cleared a path which had been lined with wood chippings.

Lisa, who runs the school’s eco projects, said: “Now it is nothing more than a hole in the ground.

“The lining has gone and the whole area has been trampled.”