Things get exciting after The Watershed...

Tener Duende
Tener Duende
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AIN’T no reason to be bored down Pagnell way this weekend – with not one, but two cool gigs planned to turn the inside of The Watershed all hot and stuffy.

Pop along to the friendly little haunt with the big, pulsating musical heart and let them tickle your senses.

You know you want to.

Tomorrow evening belongs to Tener Duende, a trio working the guitar, bass and cajon blend.

Spanish influenced (as their name suggests), their music is still very English in its sound.

As for that cajon?

It complements their sound with a decidedly exotic component, but then there are three part harmonies to consider and passion and dynamic guitar and bass precision that will engage you, and...too many other things to talk about in the here and now.

Just go along and soak them all up.

Doors open at 7pm, and tickets are £3 on the door so long as you are there before 10pm, after which they are a quid more.

You couldn’t ask for a more reasonable price.

Move on to Saturday, and it’s punk-ed out Attila the Stockbroker that will demand your attention.

Attila is loud, radical, lyrical and reflective, and comes well prepared – with more than 2800 shows under his studded belt since his debut in 1980.

Attila is a lot of things, but mellow isn’t one of them.

Want some trivia?

Okay, he has played every Glastonbury Festival since 1983.

Always keen to smear his musical wares wherever he can, the Stockbroker has played in 24 countries, and if variety be the spice of life, he’ll be spicier than most – having played everwhere from freezing punk squats in Germany to a hotel basement in Stalinist Albania.

Thirty years at it, and he is still as motivated as he ever was, which will go some way to explaining the six books of poetry and 20 CDs and albums to his name.

He’s prolific, to say the least, and deserving of a sweet crowd.

Pay £8 on the door.