Think you’ve seen a mink?


EAGLE-EYED wildlife watchers across the city have been asked to keep an eye open for mink.

Milton Keynes Council’s pest control team has received three reports of pets being killed by a mink in the central Bletchley area in the last week.

A number of upset residents have reported that a mink has been seen killing flocks of chickens and ponds full of fish.

Mink are glossy brown in colour and like to live close to water. They are roughly the size of a cat and have very sharp teeth so it is advised that people do not approach them if they see them.

They are predators that can consume a lot of food at any one time and they particularly like to eat fish, small mammals and birds.

People are advised to keep an eye on their pets and cover their ponds with netting where possible.

Pest control team manager Liam Mooney said: “A single mink in a built-up area can quickly cause a lot of damage and leave many people very upset at the loss, often of all of their pets.”

If anyone thinks they have seen a mink or has evidence of one in their area they should not approach it but to call the pest control team immediately on 01908 569091 with details of exactly where they saw it.