Third time lucky for hygiene check

No smoking signs at MK hospital'''Wk 7 MPMC
No smoking signs at MK hospital'''Wk 7 MPMC

MILTON Keynes Hospital has passed its infection control scrutiny at the third attempt.

Care Quality Commission inspectors made an unannounced visit and found wards “very clean”, a spokesman said this week.

They were impressed with the hospital’s Don’t Infect – Protect campaign, which encourages staff to challenge any colleague not following infection control and prevention policies.

They also noted new procedures to ensure patients are protected from germs.

These include storing trolleys of equipment permanently on each ward rather than wheeling them between wards, and storing waste bins in secure rooms.

Also a new labelling system now indicates how often equipment such as drip stands need to be cleaned.

CQC inspectors visited the hospital last year but were unhappy with certain aspects of hygiene.

They paid another visit in October but still expressed a “major concern” after spotting one staff member carrying out an invasive procedure without wearing protective gloves and another enter a bay without washing their hands.

Despite this, the hospital has a low rate of infection and is one of the best 20 per cent of hospital’s nationally for controlling CDiff.

Bosses admitted they were disappointed with the first two CQC reports. But this month they are delighted at the clean bill of health.

Said medical director Martin Wetherill: “Staff at Milton Keynes Hospital work hard to make sure patients are kept safe, the hospital is kept clean and rates of infection remain low.

“Immediate action was taken to address compliance with infection prevention and control. I am delighted that our actions have had such a positive impact.”