‘This is not so much a budget, but a suicide note’

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-141124-091537001

An enraged councillor vented his frustration over some of the public being unable to ask questions at last night’s cabinet meeting.

As members made their closing speech before passing the budget, Councillor Chris Williams shouted it was “outrageous” that question-time was over and accused council leader Pete Marland of caring more about finishing the remaining 21 items on the agenda.

Mr Williams then stormed over to the press table to accuse Mr Marland of denying the public the right to voice their views.

Speaking to the Citizen, Mr Williams said: “This is not so much a budget, but more of a suicide note.

“Unfortunately it is not only the cabinet that will be killed it will be people who are vulnerable, whose expectations will die and the organisations that support them will also die through lack of funding.”

Mr Marland, who was chairing the meeting, said time was limited because of the size of the agenda.