Three more months for Broughton GateSkate Park

Skate Park off Countess Way, Broughton Gate
Skate Park off Countess Way, Broughton Gate

THE controversial skate park at Broughton Gate has been given another stay of execution to allow Milton Keynes Council time to gather more evidence.

Residents have complained that the park is too loud and too close to their homes, causing a disturbance at all hours.

After furious debate between those for and against the facility, the council and the Parks Trust had initially agreed to close it.

However, when users questioned the validity of some of the sound recordings used against the popular skate park, it has been agreed to keep it open for ‘up to three months’ while further investigations are carried out.

Chief Executive of the Parks Trust, David Foster, said: “Following further discussion between the Parks Trust and Milton Keynes Council (MKC) over how to find the best solution to retain the skate park while also addressing the issue of noise, last Friday (July 13) MKC issued the Trust with a revised Statutory Noise Abatement Notice replacing the one issued on Wednesday, June 27.

“The revised Notice still requires the Trust to install a fence around the skate park and to control the hours of use to after 10am and before 7pm.

“However the revised Notice now gives the Trust up to three months to investigate, assess and then implement the best practicable measures that could be used to reduce noise from the skate park area.

“The Notice says such measures include, but are not restricted to: the use of noise barriers; modification of the equipment at the park; and altering the layout of the park.

“We have already started investigating these measures and had discussed our initial findings with MKC.

“We appreciate their willingness to work with us and to allow us more time to thoroughly explore all possible options by issuing the revised Notice.

“We shall be making every effort to try and find ways to keep the skate park and meet the noise abatement requirements. We will maintain regular contact with and seek advice from MKC as this work continues.

“There is still a lot to be done and some measures we are looking into will require planning permission before they could go ahead.

“However, we hope by working together with MKC, with Broughton and Milton Keynes Parish Council and with the local community that a solution can be found.

“While we carry out further investigations it’s really important that we can count on the local community to help us make sure that the skate park is used and enjoyed responsibly and is not used out of the permitted hours.”