Three people visited Milton Keynes Hospital’s A&E more than 50 times in a year

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Three people visited Milton Keynes Hospital’s struggling A&E department more than 50 times over a 12 month period between 2012 and 2013.

The hospital says the total number of visits between the three equates to 194 visits between April 2012 and April 2013.

A total of 82 patients visited 10 or more times during that same period, which equates to 1,525 visits, but no patients visited more than 100 times during the year,

The figures come in the week that the hospital was placed on ‘Black Alert’, meaning there is significant pressure on staff and the number of beds available for patients.

Hospital Chief Executive Joe Harrison said people should only dial 999 or visit A&E in a ‘genuine emergency’ while the department copes with the added pressure.

He said: “Like other hospitals, Milton Keynes Hospital has many patients who make frequent visits to our A&E.

“There are many reasons for these frequent visits, which could include not knowing the best place to go for treatment; patients with long-term conditions; problems such as alcohol and drug abuse and patients with social issues such as homelessness.

“Frequent attendees cause extra pressure for a department that is already very busy.

“We have been working with our commissioners about getting extra support to direct patients to the right service for their needs, and to prevent patients making unnecessary visits to A&E.”