Three-person babies: MPs vote in favour

Mark Lancaster MP for Milton Keynes North
Mark Lancaster MP for Milton Keynes North

MPs have voted in favour of legalising three-person babies in order to prevent inherited diseases.

If passed by the House of Lords, the UK will become the first country to introduce laws allowing the creation of children with DNA from two women and one man.

In a historic free vote in the Commons today, 382 MPs were in favour and 128 against the technique, which critics say raises “ethical and safety concerns”.

Milton Keynes North MP Mark Lancaster, who voted in favour following today’s debate, said: “With no cure for Mitochondrial DNA, children with this condition are unlikely to survive childhood and there is a strong moral case to support families at risk.

“There is broad public support, including from the Church of England, and I believe that the legislative framework proposed is robust enough that we have a genuine chance of taking the first steps to eradicating this disease.”