Thumbs down for 100 houses

EIGHTY per cent of residents voted against a huge new development of 100 houses planned to be built in Wavendon.

The farmland behind Parkway and Hillway could see the huge estate built, but last month protestors walked out of a meeting with the developers.

Storey Homes last week invited around 1,300 residents living within a 1km radius of the proposed site to see further plans and have their say.

Carrying out an exit survey, protesters found that 80 per cent of those who attended the meeting were against the plans, while 19 per cent either abstained or had not yet made up their mind.

Nick Luke, a resident of Wavendon, said: “The all day session, which was conducted with good humour despite a heavy presence of protestors, was designed to gain the views of the wider community byinviting them to comment on various aspects of the plan.

“However, the proposal was met with universal rejection.”

Although the main objection was based on the development being built on open countryside, a number of residents said they were concerned with the level of traffic that 100 houses may bring, with an estimated 400 extra movements a day on the relatively small junction at Cranfield Road and Newport Road.

Mr Luke added: “It is already an issue and it is one for which the developers appear not to have a solution.”

A full planning application is expected in April.

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