Time is running out for people in Milton Keynes to register to vote

More than one in every seven people – 14 per cent – are not registered to vote in the Milton Keynes region, and time is running out for residents to get involved in the democratic process.

Wednesday, 10th April 2019, 12:19 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th April 2019, 12:22 pm
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According to the Electoral Commission, people such as those who have recently moved home, or students, are among those who are ‘under-represented’ on the electoral roll.

With the deadline to register to vote being set at midnight on Friday, April 12, time is running out if people want to cast their ballot at the elections to Milton Keynes borough on May 2.

This week, the chief executive of MK Council, Michael Bracey, popped across the road from the council to centremk to let people know how easy it is to register. He says it only takes five minutes, an address, and their National Insurance number. And they can register to vote online at https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

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Registering to vote Q&A:

Who can vote? In order to register to vote you need to be a British or Commonwealth citizen, or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland. If you are a citizen of a European Union country, other than Britain or Ireland, you can register to vote for local government and European Parliamentary elections only. Citizens of any other countries are not eligible to register. A list of eligible countries is in the related article on this page.

If you are in the armed forces you can register at home and have a postal vote or a proxy vote.

Residents of mental hospitals (unless detained under the Mental Health Act), homeless people and remand prisoners can register using a declaration of local connection. Convicted prisoners are not eligible to vote.

Where is my National Insurance number? NI numbers can be found on a national insurance card, or in official paperwork such as payslips, or letters about benefits or tax credits.

How old do I need to be? You have to be 18 years old in order to vote. If you are 16 or 17 years old you can register, but need to include your date of birth. You will be able to vote in elections as soon as you turn 18.

Once registered, you will receive a letter from Milton Keynes Council to confirm that you are registered or if you need to provide further information.