‘Time to let sheltered housing tenants have pets’ say Milton Keynes Labour party

Pets provide companionship
Pets provide companionship

Owning a pet can be crucial to helping improve quality of life in older people.

Such companionship may be vital, especially in those who may be lonely.

Milton Keynes Council allows the tenants of its 27 Sheltered housing schemes to move in with a pet. But once a loved pet dies, they are not necessarily allowed to have a new pet.

The council has no clear written policy on pets.

Great Holm community campaigner Carole Baume has joined with Councillor Zoe Nolan calling upon Milton Keynes Council to support the residents of Petworth House, on Great Holm who want to have a pet.

“I believe that if tenants of Petworth House want to have a pet, and the pet is not a nuisance, then they should be encouraged,” Carol said.

“Pets provide companionship for older residents and helps people to live full lives.”

Councillor Zoe Nolan added: “The Labour Party nationally has called for tenants to have a default right to keep pets unless they are a nuisance. I think this is spot on and Milton Keynes Council should be supportive of sheltered housing tenants who want to have a pet,” she said.

“I have written to the Council about being kinder towards tenants having pets and asked them to develop such a policy. As they don’t currently have a formal policy,” Carol added.

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