Titan claims 12 but helps raise £200

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The Titan Burger Challenge claimed 12 more victims at the weekend, and more importantly raised more than £200 for the Henry Allen Appeal.

The challenge, held at the Kiln Farm Club, sees people trying to eat the Titan, a meal made of three six ounce steak burgers, cheese, bacon, 10 onion rings, chips and fiery chilli – all in 30 minutes.

On Saturday, 12 more challengers tried, and failed, to beat the Titan which means four out of almost 100 challengers have been defeated – including Citizen reporters Toby Lock and Gareth Ellis.

The event was held to raise money for the Henry Allen Appeal to fund his fight against Neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer. So far more than £30,000 has been raised for the charity.

Speaking about the challenge, Simon O’Brien, bar manager at the Kiln Farm Club, said: “The event went really well. We had our first female challenger and also possibly our youngest. It was funny to see their faces.”

Fundraising manager for the Henry Allen Appeal, Kerry Shephard, said: “Henry is being given every possible chance and when I saw him the other day he looked the best I have seen him. He is definitely a fighter.”

The next charity event will be a Wedding Fayre at Bletchley Leisure Centre on Saturday between 3-6pm. There will be an auction for items needed for people’s big days with all money donated to the appeal.

To see a video of Citizen reporters Gareth Ellis and Toby Lock taking on the Titan click here.