Toddler clawed by a schoolgirl

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A GIRL who clawed to shreds this toddler’s face may never be punished – because she could be below the age of criminal responsibilty.

The mystery fair-haired attacker, thought to be no more than nine or ten, launched herself at two-year-old Finlay Garety while he was playing in Linford Wood.

“She was like a wild animal, screaming and clawing at him with her fingernails,” said Finlay’s mum Sonia.

The toddler had been taken to the woods with his childminder. He was waving around a twig and inadvertently knocked the girl, who was standing nearby with a group of her friends.

“Apparently that was enough to make her flip. The whole attack lasted a few seconds and afterwards she and her friends ran off,” said Sonia.

“I was horrified when I saw Finlay’s face and even more horrified that a girl so young could do so much damage.

“I don’t care whether she is below the age of criminal responsibility or not – I just think she should be prosecuted and punished.”

The law states children under the age of 10 are not responsible enough to know they are committing a crime.

In 1993 James Bulgar, also two, was killed by schoolboys Jon Venables and Robert Thompson. Because the pair had both passed their 10th birthdays they were prosecuted and imprisoned.

> Police are appealing for witnesses to Finlay’s attack, which happened around 2pm on Thursday, August 2. Anybody with information should call 101.