Tom ‘comes back from dead’ after motorcycle smash

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A young motorcycle accident victim who literally came back from the dead is to have an emotional reunion with the Good Samaritan who saved him.

Former nurse Jayne Esser spotted Tom Beddall lying in the middle of the road seconds after he had been involved in a collision with a van on the H9 Groveway one evening in October.

“It was so dark I could hardly see him. He wasn’t moving so I quickly checked him,” said the mum-of-five.

A nurse for 20 years, Jayne could find no sign that the 21-year-old was breathing and he had no pulse.

“I really thought he was dead. I dialled 999 and then went to sit with him,” she said.

Tom was already lying in the recovery position but one arm was thrown back. Jayne gently moved it across his chest.

“As soon as I did it he gave a shuddering breath. It was like he came back to life before my eyes,” she added.

Jayne kept Tom warm and talked to him in a bid to keep him conscious until the ambulance arrived.

The Cox and Robinson pharmacy worker was taken to John Radcliffe Hospital and put in an induced coma.

He suffered a brain injury, fractured neck, collapsed lungs, a bruised heart and liver, broken ribs, broken chest bone and broken wrist.

His mum Andrea said: “There is no doubt that he is very lucky to be alive at all. And the luckiest thing of all was that Jayne found him in the road when she did.”

This week, after a fortnight in hospital, Tom is back at his Brooklands home and recovering from his I injuries.

Said Andrea: “He had an horrendous list of injuries but thankfully he’s going to be fine.”

Meanwhile Jayne, who lives in Fishermead, has been following Tom’s progress through Andrea’s daily updates on Facebook.

“I just couldn’t stop thinking about him,” she said,

On Sunday she has been invited to the Beddall’s home to meet him properly for the first time.

Said Andrea: “We just want to meet the woman who helped Tom. And he wants to say a huge thank you. “