Tony Benn: Cuts are meant to hurt ordinary people

MORE than 400 people attended an anti-cuts rally to hear veteran politician Tony Benn last Friday.

The former Labour MP was speaking at a Coalition of Resistance event at Jury’s Inn Hotel ahead of a week of action against council cuts.

Tony Benn

Tony Benn

Members of the Coalition will tonight (Tuesday) march on Milton Keynes Council’s offices in CMK ahead of its budget setting meeting.

Other speakers included the Coalition’s Neil Faulkner, Dot Gibson from the National Pensioners Convention, Paul Moffat from the Communication Workers Union and Anita de Klerk from MK Coalition of Resistance.

Mr Benn told listeners that cuts all around the country were unfair.

He said: “The cuts are meant to hurt ordinary people, not the rich or the banks who created the crisis.

“Cameron’s ‘we’re all in it together’ is nonsense. We should tax the wealthiest — even Churchill did that — and not squander £70bn on Trident nuclear weapons.”

Closing the meeting, Anita de Klerk added: “Milton Keynes Council has been ordered a 34 per cent cut by government. Will the chief Executive be cutting his £155,000 salary by 34 per cent?

“We do not give our elected councillors permission to close or sell off our public services.

“The council must refuse to support this irresponsible experiment, and instead build an alternative programme for economic and social recovery. That’s the message we’ll be taking to them on Tuesday night.”

> Our exclusive video contains footage of the rally including Mr Benn’s talk.