Too dangerous to be let loose say school pals

Killer's school project paid homage to serial killers

A double killer whose release is being opposed by his victim's friends and family made a trophy plaque bearing the names of his favourite serial killers for a school project.

Gregory Davis, who butchered Dorothy Rogers, 48, and her son Michael in 2003, is due to appear before a Mental Review Tribunal, which has the power to release him into an unsupervised hostel.

The 30-year-old was originally detained indefinitely at Broadmoor mental health hospital after pleading guilty at Luton Crown Court to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

But schoolfriends say his mental state was unusual years before the killings – and that he remains too dangerous to be let loose in the community.

On a Facebook site opposing Davis' release he is accused

of harbouring serial killer fantasies for years.

The site, administered by Jason Charles and Pikey Rogers, says: 'Gregory Davis is an extremely dangerous individual.

'This is a man who for a school art project made a trophy plaque bearing the names of his favourite serial killers. He committed these crimes at 23 – that shows how long he was harbouring these fantasies.'

More than 1,000 people have already signed up to the site.

And a fellow pupil who attended the sixth form at Radcliffe School, Wolverton with Davis said: "My memory is that his art coursework was rather strange in that it featured a sofa and mannequin, both of which had been seriously assaulted with a blow torch.

"If my memory is correct, and I have to say if, what does this suggest about his mental state several years before the killings?"

A Downing Street petition has also been set up calling for killers who are sent to mental hospitals to be given a minimum term of incarceration.

Davis, 24, at the time of his crimes, is currently living at Littlehampton hospital, Oxford.

If deemed well enough to be moved into a hostel he would be subject only to a curfew.

The art student from Great Linford stabbed Mrs Rogers 31 times, before chasing Michael out of the house and into a children's playground where he stabbed him to death.

Davis had previously written in a diary how he planned to be a serial killer.

Anyone who wants to sign the petition opposing his release should visit