Top cop Jim is best in Force

PC Jim Lake awarded Community Officer Of The Year
PC Jim Lake awarded Community Officer Of The Year

A PC who earned £60,000 in grant funding for a new play park has been voted the Best Community Officer of the Year across Thames Valley.

PC Jim Lake has made vast improvements to the area around North 10th Street and Silbury Boulevard over the past year, helping set up a residents’ association and lowering levels of anti-social behaviour, public drunkenness and drug problems.

He said: “I love my job, and we’re just doing what we’re paid to do, caring for the public. All I did was throw the snowball, everyone else helped it develop. It’s about managing the expectations of the public and delivering what they need.”

Around a year ago Jim set up an office in North 10th Street, introducing himself to all residents to assess their needs. Soon after the residents’ association was formed.

“There is still work to do in certain aspects and I think we have another year or so of work but it is positive,” he added. “It’s very much ‘united we stand’. We have cut down dog fouling and a number of other issues including anti-social behaviour, drunkenness and drug use.”