Top marks for Stantonbury Campus students

Top performers from Stantonbury Campus
Top performers from Stantonbury Campus

Almost 400 students, who completed Year 11 this summer, are returning to Stantonbury Campus this morning to collect their GCSE and BTEC results.

Grades are available for 36 exam courses, from the traditional academic subjects required for the English Baccalaureate

to courses which appeal to a wide range of interests such as engineering, performing arts, business, product design and sport.

There’s much to celebrate with some outstanding individual achievements and, whilst the picture is still unclear nationally, the school recorded improvement in most subjects.

Principal Chris Williams said: “There is still much work to be done, but these are encouraging results - congratulations to students for going the extra mile.

“Over the year staff have worked hard to give students the self belief to succeed so it was particularly good to see real improvements in this area.

“16 per cent of students gained an A or A* in English, almost doubling last year’s figure and there was also real progress in mathematics, where 12 per cent of students achieved top grades.’

Overall, the 5+A*-C pass rate (including English and mathematics) rose by 4 per cent to 45 per cent and, with some results still awaited, this figure is likely to rise. 32 students were awarded 5 or more A*/A or equivalent grades. The wider 5+ A*-C figure rose to 52 per cent as boys, and students supported by the pupil premium, returned better results.

In English, 60 per cent of students achieved higher grade passes, a 4% improvement on 2014, and 57 per cent in maths (2 per cent better). 87 per cent of students passed triple science.

12 students achieved 6 or more top grades, including exceptional performances from the following students:

Nathanael Hughes (9 x A*, 1 x A, 1 x B)

Christopher Payne (7 x A*; 4 x A; 1 x B) 

Amber Saunders (5 x A*; 6 x A; 1 x B)

Darshan Mistry (4 x A*; 5 x A; 2 x B)

Cameron Bonner (2 x A*; 7 x A; 1 x B)

Maisie Woodford (3 x A*; 8 x A; 1 x B)

Evangelina Burton (2 x A*; 7 x A; 1 x B).

Elise Merchant (2 x A*; 6 x A; 2 x B)

Charlotte Pratt (2 x A*; 6 x A; 2 x B)

Kamille Ziobaite (1 x A*; 8 x A; 2 x B)

Louis Wilson (1 x A*; 7 x A; 2 x B)

Megan Sanchez (2 x A*; 4 x A; 3 x B)