Tories slam the ‘sneaky’ rise in parking costs

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City Tories have accused Labour councillors of trying to sneak through controversial parking charge increases.

They say the Labour-run Cabinet was “underhand” in the way it tried to slip the proposal through before the rest of the council was expecting it.”

The Citizen reported last week how parking charges at CMK could rise across the board while workers’ permits could increase by 88 per cent over the next two years.

Said Tory John Bint: “This decision will have a major impact on the thousands of people who work in CMK’s shops and offices, with a knock-on effect on the whole Milton Keynes’ economy.

“The Labour party is hammering working people. It’s a bad proposal.”

Now councillor Bint is leading the efforts to get the Cabinet decision overturned.

He is using the council’s Call In procedure to get the matter re-discussed by the full council this week.

He said: Everyone thought the parking fee increases would form part of the council’s budget decision this week. But the Labour Cabinet tried to sneak it through right at the end of their meeting last week.

“Business leaders and CMK office workers were at the February 9 meeting speaking about the proposals in the budget.

“But Cabinet didn’t once point out that actually they intended to take the decisions later that very evening.”

Hundreds of angry CMK workers have sent emails of protest to all 57 councillors in a bid to get the proposed increases scrapped or reduced.

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