Tories target Lib Dem stronghold

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TORY leader Andrew Geary has set his sights on the city’s one remaining Lib Dem stronghold.

As recently as last year the Liberal Democrats held Milton Keynes Council.

But after losing two seats and their leader Sam Crooks at Friday’s local election, the party is now the third largest in MK, falling behind Labour.

Council leader Councillor Geary is now determined to target their vote in Newport Pagnell, where they still hold both seats.

Labour made the biggest gains at the election, capturing seven new seats to take their total to 16. That means they are now the official opposition with the Lib Dems down to 15 seats. The Conservatives maintained control of the council with 20 seats.

Mr Geary said: “Newport Pagnell is a big target for us over the next two years and we feel we can make a difference there.

“That ward has been a Lib Dem stronghold for some time but we are targeting it as one of our priorities.

“When we first came into power we had to clear up a few issues left from the previous administration. We have sorted the nurseries and the libraries and now we have our own agenda.

“We will be looking closely at the Smart Cities agenda, looking to bring higher education to the city. It is now incumbent that we sort housing and regeneration to help build council houses in the city for the first time in 20 years.”

Labour leader Councillor Norman Miles said: “The result came after some serious hard work and teamwork.

“We are absolutely delighted with the result from Friday, it was beyond all of our expectations.

“This will make it very interesting with seven new members joining our existing ones. It will allow us greater and deeper scrutiny, with a team that will boast more expertise”

He also has his sights on helping to strengthen the city’s housing situation as well as the local health agenda.