Tory group has three-fold plan

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LIBRARIES, nurseries and city centre parking. These are the three objectives the Conservative party will be reviewing as quickly as possible.

Councillor Andrew Geary, who was re-elected as leader of the group at their annual meeting on Tuesday, said they would look at the key services as a priority as they were issues that most people raised during canvassing.

Mr Geary said: “We will be holding a full review of the parking situation around the city. Nobody is happy with it so it would be foolish not to look at it.

“The nursery and library provisions must also be looked at and it must be decided if the council funds them and if so to what extent. Closing or cutting services is not the first option.”

Councillor Geary, who is in line to be the new leader of Milton Keynes Council, also said that the parties must work together to provide a sustainable way forward for those key services.

He said: “In a council where there is no overall control we need a good working relationship and I feel we have built that over the years.

“There has always been a good line of communication between the parties and we as a group want to build on the good work that has already been done over the last four or five years thanks to the Lib Dems.”

The Conservative annual meeting served another purpose as well for the group as they appointed councilor David Hopkins as deputy leader of the group, and put forward Catriona Morris as their candidate to be deputy mayor.

However, when it came to naming his cabinet Andrew remained tight-lipped, at least for now.

He said: “I have held conversations with a number of councillors about potential roles on the cabinet but until we have formally made our intentions clear to the other parties and sought their approval we will then make formal plans.”

The Conservative group have planned to have a minority administration, as the Lib Dems have done in previous years.

However, this will all depend on whether or not the Labour and Lib Dem groups agree to such a plan or of they choose to form a coalition and form a majority administration.

The key decisions are set to be made at a full council meeting on Tuessday, May 24.