Tory leader blasts 'two smaller parties' for joining forces at Milton Keynes Council

Alex Walker believes a 'back-room stich-up' between Labour and the Lib Dems has prevented the Conservatives from taking charge of Milton Keynes Council.

Saturday, 12th May 2018, 1:59 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:16 am
Tory leader Alex Walker

The Tory party received 38.59 per cent of the vote in the elections on May 3 - a result which saw them take over from Labour as the largest part in Milton Keynes, but with No Overall Control.However, it was revealed today, Saturday, that Lib Dem leader Douglas McCall has once again aligned his group with the Labour party, with Pete Marland set to remain in charge of the council for a fifth year.

Tory leader Councillor Walker, who would have become the youngest ever leader of the council, dubbed Labour's bid to the Lib Dems 'clinging onto power with their fingernails.'

"I'm extremely disappointed the two smallest parties have blocked our mandate of change that voters demanded," Mr Walker said. "We respect we are in a no overall control council but this is not a suitable way to continue a failing administration. It is a cop out and we stand by if they want to block us from power they must enter a formal coalition.

"We did all we can to work with the Lib Dems, we negotiated on a number of issues and thought a clear way forward in the interests of residents was there to be agreed. Sadly, it seems a back room stitch up by the Labour Party - who have failed MK for four years and lost three elections in a row - put forward a desperate proposal to the Lib Dems.

"This will only strengthen the desire for change in Milton Keynes and we will continue to call out the failings at the Council such as on the state of the roads and the levels of homelessness."

Deputy Leader of the Conservatives Councillor Catriona Morris added: "I cannot see how this will provide the city the strong leadership it needs. No details have been provided of what an 'enhanced partnership' will mean, not only will this deal block our mandate, it seems to me, this is just same old same old, which must be bad news for the Council and MK."