Toughing it out for Henry appeal

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Four people battled through, mud, water, fire, ice and electric shocks as they completed the ‘Tough Mudder’ to raise money for the Henry Allen Appeal.

Jodie Glassock, Jack Woodcock, Peri Cronje and Adam Thein took on the challenge, which includes a 12-mile obstacle course on Saturday.

A total of 22 obstacles involved runners jumping into ice-cold water, crawling through mud with electric wire hanging down and climbing over 12-foot high walls.

Three-year-old Henry Allen, whose family lives in Bletchley , is currently battling neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of childhood cancer.

Jodie, who is friends with Henry’s mum Dawn, said: “It was tough as the same suggests, one of the hardest things I have ever done.

“If I had to though, I would do it again tomorrow if it meant raising more money for Henry.”

Henry’s family are currently trying to raise more than £300,000 to fund treatment for the toddler outside the UK as it may be his only chance of survival.

He is already undergoing treatment in the UK but it has an 80 per cent relapse rate.

So far the foursome have raised around £1,500 from their challenge and people are welcome to donate more by visiting which is Jodie’s personal page.

> For more about Henry and his condition visit the charity website at