Touring car star James Nash on conquering the world – while remaining big in MK

James Nash
James Nash

WORLD Touring Car Championship driver, James Nash, is most definitely a man on the move.

As he sits down to drink his coffee he almost looks relieved to have five minutes of rest during what must be one of the busiest schedules in Milton Keynes.

James Nash

James Nash

Yet despite James’ jet setting, the racer who grew up in Newport Pagnell is still very much a local lad at heart, who first and foremost is intent on building his MK profile.

“I’d love to become more of a face in the area where I grew up,” says James.

“I think there’s definitely room to support businesses and for them to support me if they can.

“I think there are companies in the city that can benefit from my travelling.

James Nash

James Nash

“We’d like to start big in MK and expand to elsewhere in the country.

“One of my long-term goals is to bring World Touring Cars back to the UK, I‘ve had great support during my time in British Touring cars and so I don’t want to lose touch with my original fan-base.

“Milton Keynes is the area I was raised in so I think it’s important I give something back.

“It can be quite unsettling moving around all the time without having any kind of consistency so it’s really nice to have a place you consider your home.”

The 27-year-old’s continued success has resulted in a sustained progression through the various level of professional driving.

Now racing for Bamboo Engineering, James started his career in karting.

“It was originally tied in with my school work,” he says.

“If I did well in school I got to go karting.

“Things kind of just went from there, as I started to win heats and finals I started to become really competitive.

“My parents gave me the opportunity and every team I’ve raced for since has been very good to me.

“I haven’t got to this stage by luck or chance, we’ve had to work very hard to get here.”

He was keen to explain though, that the world of motor sport is not all that it seems.

“I wouldn’t want to put anyone off doing it of course, but there is a whole other side to the sport that people don’t see.

“It’s a shame but you now can’t really get into the industry on talent alone. You have to have some kind of financial backing.

“It’s even harder in this country because there is no support from the government unlike, for example, in Brazil.”

But the 2011 British Touring Car Independent Champion was quick to encourage any young boy or girl that wants to try their hand at racing: “It doesn’t come easy, but if you spend your budget wisely and choose the best team and the best equipment it’ll give you the best possible start.

“Don’t do anything half-heartedly, it’s always better to race three and win three than race six and win nothing.”

James talks through some of the exciting things that are on the horizon for him in the UK and outside of racing.

“Currently we are looking at building a relationship with MK Lightning and we’re even looking to bring out a new range of clothing.”

The young driver also does a lot of work with the East Anglian Air Ambulance charity.

“After an incident with a friend of mine in which the air ambulance was called it’s a charity close to our hearts,” he says.

“We actively support them where we can and I hope to have a few more events with them soon.”

A fast independent racing team and ever-increasing media attention means that James Nash Racing has some big plans going forward.

“I’ve got to move as quickly as possible to be the best that I can,” James says.

“I’m in a team that can offer me results through both the independent and overall championships, as well as fantastic branding opportunities.

“In time, I’d love to be looking at some Le Mans and further endurance racing, but I’m really excited about where I am now.”

It’s safe to assume Mr Nash is going places in the world of professional motorsport, but the way he talks about Milton Keynes it’s clear he has a real desire to connect his hometown with his career.

“As I try to increase my presence globally I have it in the back of my mind how important it is to not only maintain your local fan-base but increase it as well.”

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