Toy Horses break into gallop

Toy Horses
Toy Horses

TOY Horses trot along to The Watershed in Tickford Arcade this Sunday evening, to show off the musical attributes that saw them among the early contenders for last years Mercury Award.

They were picked as SXSW highlights by the music editor for the LA Times and have members of Counting Crows and Wilco on that aforementioned opus.

Oh, and twitter king Stephen Fry proclaimed them his ‘new favourite indie band.’

Invaluable publicity when you consider that Fry has a whopping 2.7 million Twitter followers.

Tickets to see the nags at play in the Watershed’s intimate confines will set you back a fiver.

Before that though, Saturday night will belong to The Nameless Three.

Apparently the Shed volunteers and soundmen reckon the fella’s are one of the ‘funniest, liveliest musical bands around.’

Doors at 7.30pm, get along on the right side of 9pm and you pay just two quid.

> Tomorrow night (Fri) Underpass Promotions present Tellison and Il Brutto at The Watershed. Tickets are £4