Traders to the rescue after chip shop catches fire

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Quick-thinking traders saved an entire local centre from going up in flames when a blaze broke out at a chip shop this morning.

Six brothers who run the Ocean Fish and Pizza chip shop in Beanhill were preparing to open up at around 11.30am this morning (Tuesday) when a fryer full of fat caught fire.

Neighbouring traders at the estate local centre saw black smoke coming from the roof and leapt into action.

“They all brought fire extinguishers from their shops and rushed over to put the fire out,” said owner Hamid Rahimi.

“They were wonderful. They had it more or less under control by the time the fire service arrived.”

The terrace of shops has a communal roof space and the fire would have spread within minutes if the neighbours had not acted.

The fellow traders all used dry foam extinguishers from their own shops.

Bill Evans, manager of computer refurbishing company ConnectMK, saw the smoke billowing from several doors away.

He said: “I just grabbed our fire extinguished and ran. The man from the Londis store did the same, as did the man from the shop next door.

“We knew we needed to act quickly or the fire would have swept through the entire block of shops.”

Mr Rahimi and his brothers, who have thanked his neighbours whole-heartedly, now face being closed for two weeks while the equipment is repaired.

One customer said: “We’re gutted. It’s a brilliant chip shop – real five star quality. But we’re grateful it wasn’t worse and no one was hurt.”