Traders voice their concern to councillors over new market site

Protesters outside the council chamber. Pic: Dino Vescera
Protesters outside the council chamber. Pic: Dino Vescera

TRADERS and customers alike filled the public gallery as Milton Keynes Council heard objections to building Primark on the current market site.

Plans are afoot to build a new department store, namely Primark, which would see the existing market as well as Secklow Gate bridge, demolished in order to facilitate it.

Milton Keynes market

Milton Keynes market

A new market would take its place, however, traders are concerned that the proposed site is 40 per cent smaller than the existing market.

Chris Lee, a market trader, said the access to the new market would be greatly diminished, and that he is yet to find someone in favour of the proposal.

He said: “I have been a trader at the market for many year. While other cities are developing their markets, Milton Keynes is suffering savage cuts.

“The proposed site is too small, and doesn’t have good enough access for deliveries, taxis and disabled users.

“I am yet to find anyone, be it a trader or a customer, who is in favour of these changes because it is just that unpopular.

“It will kill the market dead.”

Some councillors, all members of the Development Control committee who are currently overseeing the proposed development, opted to withdraw from the meeting.