Emergency services unable to reach victims of 'serious' crash due to roadworks on M1 at Milton Keynes

Paramedics have thanked people for their patience when roadworks prevented emergency services from reaching the scene of a serious motorway crash.

Fire engines, police cars and ambulances were blocked in by the roadworks between junctions 13 and 14, forcing workers to abandon their vehicles and walk.

The crash happened on the southbound carriageway at around 11.40pm on Thursday night.

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A paramedic team leader from South Central ambulance Service has now posted a message on Facebook.

She said: "I attended the M1 southbound J14-13. However, due to the road works, emergency services were unable to make any progress through the stationary traffic. Bystanders got out of the cars and lorries to help guide other vehicles out of the way to try to make way for me in a rapid response vehicle and the following fire engine and police car.

"However, we eventually admitted defeat and all three emergency services abandoned their vehicles in the stationary traffic and we made to scene on foot."

The paramedic added: "Everyone was very patient and they didn’t grumble about being asked to try to make way. They offered assistance and some came forward to assist with first aid, being aware that I was on my own and that no one else was going to be able to get through. They helped to carry my kit and I was even offered chocolate. To every vehicle that moved just enough for us to get through, thank you. To the lorry drivers and car drivers who got out of their vehicles to assist us, thank you. Everyone was amazing."

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Two ambulances and the Thames Valley Air Ambulance attended the incident and three patients, two with serious injuries, were taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford following initial treatment at the scene..